The past year has greatly changed the lives of all of us.
Unpleasant restrictions, unbearable losses, unfamiliar and uncomfortable life and unusual rules. The new reality created the conditions that both the will and the heart resist. It would be great to wave a magic wand and undo this COVID chaos.
Music that changes the structure
Unfortunately, I haven’t got a magic wand.
But there is the music that comes from the Space with which the soul is attuned. Which becomes a response when the desire to help relatives, friends, acquaintances and strangers is transformed into musical improvisation.
It works. Like Love — from the heart to heart, like a positive thought — from mind to mind, like friendly concern — through sincerity and a lively flow of sounds.
I got infected with COVID, like many of us. High fever, lack of medical attention and helplessness. I didn’t know what to do. It was hard to think and difficult to move.
Friends saved me with their care and attention. Everything I need, they delivered under my door. My friend Lena’s chicken broth is the elixir of life, I know for sure that it is Magic. This was the only food I could swallow. Thanks to everyone who supported me.
At some point, I felt that apart from drugs, I needed something else to recover. It was like a thirst to be quenched. Like a ray of light that must cut through the darkness. I realized I needed music — its sounds could «talk» with my body and soul, could calm and harmonize me, tune in to recovery.
Overcoming the weakness, with the temperature, I dragged and unpacked the digital piano, and began to play as best I could. With interruptions, I played myself that evening several times. And I felt better. This is how art therapy helped an art therapist. 🙂

The music that I want to share with you is created to restore strength, harmonize mood and body. This is a message for you from the bottom of my heart and soul to the sound of music with wishes of health.



  • Listening to music is beneficial both during illness and during recovery.
  • Try listening to music for the first time in a relaxed environment where your attention and senses can be freely engaged by the sound of the music.
  • It is advisable to listen once a day. If the need arises more often, you can.
  • Further listening can be carried out in any environment convenient for you.
  • Each person reacts differently to music. Someone needs to allocate time for this, and someone can listen while doing their daily activities.


I hope this music will help you!